Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adjusting to home

We've been home over a week and everyone is adjusting well. After a few sleepless nights Cadence is back to sleeping all night and taking a 2 hour nap. She was pretty freaked out by the animals (should furry little things be walking around like that?!) but has warmed up to Shiloh and Rummy. Not enough to pet them, but enough to not cry when they walk in the room. She was imitating me saying "cat" the other day! In no way, shape, or form does Cadence like the carseat. We made it for about 15 minutes today with no crying, but usually she whines and fusses until she falls asleep. I'm sure the tolerance will come with time.

Sierra has gotten back into the swing of school. Her face lights up everytime she sees Cadence... she sure loves that little girl! Laurel is infatuated with Cadence. Unfortunately it's unrequited at this point. Laurel desperately wants to be the big sister who holds her, plays with her, takes care of her. Cadence will tolerate it at times but is quick to whine when she's overwhelmed. We are trying to help Laurel find a balance and we hope that Cadence warms up soon! We did keep Laurel out of school for a couple of days to have some uninterrupted play time with her little sister and they both had fun.

We took Cadence to the pediatrician and he said that her ears look terrible. (She had developed a 102 degree temp on Sunday.) It looks like she has chronic ear infections which we had expected. I was able to book an appt. with a great ENT for next week. We take Cadence to the plastic surgeon tomorrow and I am anxious to figure out the game plan for her. Brad is getting ready to start work next week (yay for 2 paychecks!!) and we are scrambling to figure out childcare. It would be easier if we knew his schedule!

Here are a few pictures of our time at home. I'm posting lots more on Facebook so feel free to check those out!

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  1. Stacy,
    We made it home ourselves last night about 11p! Keaton did great on all flights and is loving his room, toys , and all grandparents! Glad to see Cadence is adjusting well also! I know along with you now it is great to be home with our babies!