Monday, October 25, 2010


Today was Cadence's first day with a babysitter. We've found a very sweet girl named Katie who is actually willing to come to our houst at 5:30am when Brad leaves for work and I am still at the hospital for night shift. Brad and I have primarily opposite schedules, so we probably won't have to use her much. Today we had to get the basement repainted (our house is on the market) so Katie watched Cadence while I slept and Brad painted.

Katie is very easy going and engaging with the girls. She had no problem coming in and really just taking over care for the kids. Cadence seemed to enjoy her time with Katie and only cried a bit when I went up to bed. Unfortunately, Cadence's anxiety seems to have surfaced tonight. She ususally goes to bed very easily but tonight she cried everytime I walked out of the room. Oh, how I wish she could talk!! I imagine something like this is going through her head:

"That girl was nice, but the last time I was handed to a complete stranger (Brad and me) I never saw everyone that I had lived with for the last year. Is that what they are planning on again?"

Poor kid! I know she will adjust and this will be a part of her/our lives, but talk about some Mommy Guilt!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Unsolicited kisses...

My heart is still melting from this one! I read Cadence her usual book ("Counting Doggies" by Sandra Boynton) and sang her a song ("Hush Little Baby"). She has leaning into me like she does after I turn out the lights and turn on her star turtle. Suddenly she leaned back and looked at me very intently. I said "I love you, baby" and she leaned in for a sweet kiss! Then she pressed her head against my chest and said "Ah, ah, ah". From the inflections in her tone, I'm going to consider it an "I love you". Oh, how did we get so lucky?!

Monday, October 18, 2010

We have a date!

Just a quick note to let you all know that we have a date... Novemeber 2nd is when Cadence's surgery is scheduled. We are happy that she will get to have her first Halloween and hopefully be recovered (mostly) by Thanksgiving. Probably no turkey for her, but mashed potatoes will do! Besides having her cleft lip and palate repaired she will also have ear tubes placed, dental work done, and the "skin tag" on her neck removed. Interestingly, it's not just a skin tag... it's actually the same type of tissue that forms the ear (cartilage and all!). It should be just as easy to remove though. More details later!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


These are a little late, but some people have asked about Cadence's room. Sierra and Laurel used the same crib bedding, but I sold that a few years ago and was happy to buy Cadence new bedding. I was searching for polka dots and found a great deal on her bedding online! I already loved the sage green color that was in the 4th bedroom and found that it would match well with the new crib set. The bumper and quilt have green, brown, and pink polka dots on one side and an adorable bird print on the other. I already had a "family tree" from years past (it's from Hallmark, where you put your family's pictures on it) so that seemed fitting to stay in the room. My friend, Kristi, painted some fabulous pictures that match the bedding too! The room is small, so only a small book shelf, dresser, and rocking glider could comfortably fit. The "China" box next to the bookshelf was made about a year ago. The girls were always bringing things home or drawing pictures for the "China girl" so I made something to hold it all! And the giraffe was made by my grandfather for my brother. It has been taking up space in my parents' basement, so we figured we should get it out for the last of the grandkids. All in all, it's simple and sweet!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I have known a lot of doctors throughout my career and have a few favorite names: Dr. Love (a cardiologist) and Dr. Doctor (pediatric intensivist). Soon we will come to know Dr. Horribly... aptly, an orthodontist (ok so it's spelled "Horbaly" but I think the former is more fitting!). Cadence has been to 4 different doctors since we've been home. Her general pediatrician, the plastic surgeon, the ENT, and the dentist. Tomorrow we will head to the International Adoption Clinic.

We've been told that she will probably have at least 3 to 4 surgeries from a plastics standpoint. The ENT said that kids with clefts generally have 3 sets of tubes placed. She will most likely have braces placed when she is 6'ish and keep them on until she is 18 or 19. So I think we will come to know Dr. Horribly very well.

I had thought that she would have her lip repaired this month or so and then wait 6 months to have her palate done. The surgeon said that because she is 17 months and so close to developing her speech, he wants to repair her palate now. I wasn't quite ready for this and all it entails. Four weeks of soft foods, no-no's on her arms so she can't put anything in her mouth (including her blanket and thumb to sooth herself to sleep), the pain and discomfort of a big surgery. I was hoping to delay all of this for at least a few months. But I trust the surgeon and know it's better to only have anesthesia once (for now), so I guess this is the road we will journey down now. He hopes to have her scheduled for the beginning of November. Since I will want to be home for her recovery I am headed back to work this week for a few shifts here and there. I'll post more when we have a date.

Everything else is going wonderfully! Things continue to be baseline busy and Cadence is adjusting well to it all. She went for her first long hike this weekend and first Virginia wine tasting (of course, she didn't taste, but she enjoyed the picnic)! I don't seem to get much done around the house during her waking hours which is why I'm signing off now... I'll be getting up before the sun to fit my workout in! I'll post some pics tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home one month!

How time flies! Realized that I never posted our first family picture! (Keep in mind that 4 out of the 5 in this picture had been up for 24 hours!)

Laurel insisted that Cadence wear blue pants and a pink top to match. However, Cadence didn't tolerate a tiara!


All of your childrens' "firsts" are special and memorable. The difference this time is that I get to watch Cadence react to her "firsts" in a much different way than my other girls. Not only am I watching her enjoy (or not!) some of her first experiences, I also get to learn her responses and expressions for a "first" myself. Although she has probably done it all before, I love that it's the "first time I've seen her make that face" or "first time I've heard her make that noise". So even though I missed out on the first 16 months of her life, when she does something new it is a special "first" for me.

Some "firsts" in the last week:
First Old Farm Day (including seeing llamas, a barrel ride, and a short hike in the woods)

First bonfire smores (ok, so she only got the graham crackers, but she watched us all eat the smores!)
First party in her honor (thank you, Kristi, for my wonderful shower and thank you to all of my friends and family who came)

First trip to the beach (ok, lake, but it has sand and water, so it counts!)
And I got to watch her enjoy them all!