Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 11

One of our toughest days was off to a bad start.  Brad woke up feeling like he had been hit with the flu.  We found out last night that Cadence would have her visa physical, shots, and photo done today.  It was planned to be a three hour journey and only one parent needed to go, so I had already said that I would take Cadence so Sierra wouldn't have to sit through it all.  Sierra would have to babysit Brad! 
We headed to the clinic with 8 other families from our agency.  Our guide, Jason, said there would  be about 100 other families there and he was correct.  It was packed!  Every hallway was filled with people.  We waited for about 30 minutes before we saw ENT and then got in line for height and weight and physical.  That took at least an hour (55 minutes of it waiting in line).  Then to find out what shots Cadence needed.  I had her shot record, but the US requires certain immunization before she could come home.  We found had that she needed 6 shots... today. :-(  We waited almost another hour before it was her turn.  She cried but settled down quickly while we waited 20 minutes for a reaction before we could leave.  It was an exhausting morning (to say the least!).
In the afternoon I had to do some paperwork with our guide but otherwise we just relaxed today.  Brad took some antibiotics and was feeling a little better.  We ordered Papa John's for delivery.  It was like a Seinfeld episode watching Brad try and order it!  Cadence rallied pretty well after her shots.  Our hotel and Shamian Island is beautiful.  There is a typhoon going through so there was a lot of thunder last night.  I'm looking forward to a nice day to walk around.
Pics include the clinic, Cadence and I at the clinic, a wedding couple or a photo shoot (I've seen lots of these here).

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