Tuesday, October 5, 2010


All of your childrens' "firsts" are special and memorable. The difference this time is that I get to watch Cadence react to her "firsts" in a much different way than my other girls. Not only am I watching her enjoy (or not!) some of her first experiences, I also get to learn her responses and expressions for a "first" myself. Although she has probably done it all before, I love that it's the "first time I've seen her make that face" or "first time I've heard her make that noise". So even though I missed out on the first 16 months of her life, when she does something new it is a special "first" for me.

Some "firsts" in the last week:
First Old Farm Day (including seeing llamas, a barrel ride, and a short hike in the woods)

First bonfire smores (ok, so she only got the graham crackers, but she watched us all eat the smores!)
First party in her honor (thank you, Kristi, for my wonderful shower and thank you to all of my friends and family who came)

First trip to the beach (ok, lake, but it has sand and water, so it counts!)
And I got to watch her enjoy them all!

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  1. I love the photos...and I guess I didn't realize you were bringing Cadence home at 16 months old, the same exact age as we brought Mali home. I also love how you phrased all of this about "firsts" - I kept a daily journal of all of our firsts because, like you, it was all so new to me and I didn't want to miss capturing any more than 16 months. So happy to see you all enjoying each other so much!