Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 5

Cadence slept all night last night.  Down to bed at 7pm and Brad got impatient and woke her at 6:30am.  I don't think she was quite ready.  We had a good morning... some smiles and laughing while we played in bed.  She ate a good breakfast and then we had to start another paperwork marathon.  We were busy in the lobby for almost 2 hours during which Sierra fidgeted a lot and Cadence fell asleep in Brad's arms. There were 2 other families there from the Netherlands completing their paperwork too.  We had also met another family from Seattle this morning who were planning to meet their daughter today!   Cadence has started pulling her shirt up in her mouth and sucking on it to soothe herself.  We came back up to the room and I laid her down for a nap.  She had to be woken again at 2pm.  She has seemed a lot more disjointed since then.  I feel her grief when she cries... she seems so sad sometimes.  She always settles down when we pick her up and hold her, but it seems like she has shut down a little.  After lunch/dinner she fell asleep again at 4:30 for about 45 minutes.
Earlier in the day (after lunch/before her 2nd nap) Sierra and I left the hotel to walk around a little.  There is a huge, interesting park just down the street.  We rode in a paddle boat for a bit, stopped in one store where I got another baby book, then back to the hotel.  Brad and Cadence had had a big time!  She was very interactive, playing games with him and reciprocating in "tickling" him.  She crawled down off the bed on her own & even took a few steps around the room!  As soon as we came back she went back to shirt sucking and quieted down.  She's probably a  little overwhelmed with 3 people always in her face, trying to make her laugh and smile and play.  So, we had a low key evening, small bottle & snack then she layed down in her crib to sleep around 7pm.  Hopefully we'll all get a good night's rest (not so easy with the "extra firm" beds!
I'm trying to figure out how to post video here... it's too cute to see Cadence's happy smile & laugh!
Pics include Sierra's big sister shirt, the "Health Beer" you can get here in China!, and Cadence's first outfit from home.


  1. Cadence looks happy and I am sure she is overwhelmed, but overall seems to be adjusting in these 2 days. Sounds like the paperwork is grueling! I see what we have to look forward to next week! We love following the updates!

  2. Mali did a "card-flicking" thing to self soothe, once we were home about a week or less, she no longer needed it. Cadence's smile is absolutely precious. Glad to hear you all are doing so well!