Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 7

Cadence slept all night again and except for falling out of bed I slept great!  (Hey, these beds are SMALL!)  She still seemed a little anxious this morning and Brad and Sierra went out and around town so Cadence and I could hang out.  She wasn't very interested in playing too much and went down for an early nap. 
Shortly after lunch we had to leave the hotel to go to the notary and passport office.  All of the taxies we have ridden in have been vans until today.  Driving here is CRAZY!  There were no seatbelts in the taxi and it feels like you are going to hit a car, bike rider, or pedestrian at any moment.  There is continuous honking but no one really seems angry or annoyed.  We made it safely to each place.  One of the best parts is that in the notary office we met the family who is adopting one of Cadence's classmates from the orphanage!!  Cadence didn't seem particularly interested in him, but we'll be seeing them more on this trip.
Once we got back to the hotel Cadence really opened up!  George had translated some of the info we had received & it all seemed very accurate based on what we had seen.  He did say that "she will sometimes take toys from other kids if she wants something" and that "she plays with toys so hard she breaks them sometimes"!  This evening she has been an absolute riot!  She has loved playing the "I drop and you pick up" game with me and has completely cracked up when we tickled her.  She picked up a small toy and stuck it between her chin and chest to hold it there.  When we laughed histarically she did it over and over and over and just grinned!  She bobbed Brad and the nose with a cup by accident and when he said oww and grabbed his nose she thought that was so funny! 
I know this will all go in phases, but right now I am so thankful for every smile and laugh that we get from Cadence!
Pics are Sierra & Cadence,  the assistant orphanage director

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  1. hahahahaha... i didn't get any further that your first sentence and cracked up. your having a bang-up time,aren't you? lol, she looks and sounds great... and so do all of you. i can hear the happiness in everything you write. have a Blessed day, all of you, and i can't wait to hear what tomorrow brings. Love Mom