Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 9 con't...

I forgot to write about the All-American event we took part in yesterday... drum roll... McDonalds!  I realized in disbelief that I have gone these whole 9 days without chocolate!  Can you believe it?  And my head didn't even start spinning and I didn't die!  So we decided to show Cadence one of the hallmarks of America and we went to McDonalds for dessert after dinner.  We successfully ordered Sierra a lime flavored cone and Brad and I got chocolate flurries.  It all tasted just like at home.  The "greeters" who work there wear nifty little outfits.  I gave Cadence a little taste of ice cream.  Typically, in China, they give the babies very hot food and drink.  They don't think it's healthy for them to eat or be cold.  So when I gave her a taste it was obvious that she hasn't had anything that cold before.  She wasn't a fan!  Made a terrible face.  When we gave her tiny tastes of the chocolate she liked that, but no ice cream for this girl for now!

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