Monday, September 13, 2010

day 12

Another rainy, rainy day so Brad and the girls decided to skip the tours while I got some downtime to take pictures and relax.  We started out at the beautiful Six Banyan's Tree Temple.  It is over 1400 years old. It's amazing to think of all of the history here. The babies that came today were blessed by a monk. Despite my lens fogging due to the rain and humidity I managed to get a few good pictures.  Then we went to the Provincial Folk Art Museum that featured almost every art form popular in China.  Then on to a local arts and crafts store.  I was able to buy a lot of nice things for friends and family back home.  When I asked Sierra if she wanted to go to the "arts and crafts store" with me she said "Mom, we can go to Michaels at home"!
Brad and the girls survived without me and we headed to the White Swan for the famous red couch photos.  Both of the girls got dressed in their pretty silk dresses.  Neither were too thrilled with them!  Cadence did great... even during the baby group photo when they all end up crying!  Lastly we head to a great Thai restaurant, the Cow and Bridge.  The food was great and service was amazing considering we filled the entire place in about 10 minutes.
Pics include "beware of falling" or "beware of falling people"?! on the bamboo scaffolding, my favorite sign at the temple

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  1. mali was blessed by a buddhist monk at that same temple - it was gorgeous, wasn't it? i cried through the whole thing. and we never did get to the cow and the bridge...was that the restaurant on the corner at the end of the street a little ways down from the hotel? glad to hear you are enjoying :)