Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 10

Nothing too exciting today.  We mostly hung around the hotel today and packed up to fly to Guangzhou.  Sierra and I ventured to McDonald's for a milkshake.  Everyone wants to touch Sierra's hair and she gets a little freaked out when they do that.  We left Hohhot around 5:40pm and had a 3 hour flight to Guangzhou.  Cadence has been on the move a lot and was not happy about sitting on our laps for 3 hours.  She seemed tired and got a little slap happy... crying one minute and laughing hysterically the next!  Another adoptive couple who were flying with us said that they had never seen such a happy baby.  We checked in to the Victory Hotel around 10pm.  It's a big room, a suite, and everyone said how soft the beds were here.  They were wrong!!  Feels like we're sleeping on a cardboard box.  Only a week til we are home in our own beds!
Pics include our smiling girl and the lobby where we met Cadence (with our guide George).

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  1. what a fantastic smile she has! Love your updates!