Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 13

Today was our visa appointment at the US consulate.  Our guide, Jason, went for us so we only had to stay at the hotel unless there were any questions.  Everything went without a hitch!  One step closer to home!  Since the sun was actually shining I took Sierra and another little girl here with our group (Caylee) swimming.  The pool in on the roof of the hotel.  It's small and cold, but they didn't care!
Later Sierra and I head off to the pearl market.  I've been saving my money since our referral for this specific shopping trip!  I purchase pearl bracelets to give to all of the girls on their wedding day (or when they are old enough to declare a life of singlehood!) and a pair of black pearl earrings for myself.  The market was huge... 5 stories of all beads, jewels and pearls!  We stopped at McDonalds with a few families and then attempted to get a taxi back to the hotel.  Sierra got in the taxi first and then there was some confustion about who was going in one taxi together, horns started honking and the taxi driver pulled away from me.  She was going to try and get closer to the curb, but Sierra freaked out!  She thought the driver was taking off without me.  Poor kid!
We decided just to lay low the rest of the day and headed to the famous Lucy's for dinner.  They serve good, cheap, American food.  It's where everyone goes for their comfort food while they are in China.  We went with Bill and his son Zane.  Zane is from the same orphanage as Cadence.  They were "classmates"!  Bill's wife and 6 year old daughter are at home, so he's on his own while in China.  All of the local folks can't believe that a dad is taking care of a baby on his own!
Cadence continues to amaze us everyday!  She wants to walk everywhere and is always a big ham!  She loves to laugh and make others laugh.  Cadence is starting to fuss  a little more when we put her down for naps and bed.  While it makes it harder, it means that she is realizing that we are here for her.  There probably wasn't much point to cry and fuss in an orphanage, but now she is learning that she has a mom and dad who will respond to her needs. 
Pics include the pearl market, rooftop pool, and Cadence isn't sure what to make of her footie pj's!

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  1. i just started tearing up when i read the part about cadence realizing that fussing will actually make a difference's funny how differently we have to adjust our thought process with adoption...more fussing is actually a good sign in this case :) the view from the pool was pretty interesting, wasn't it? mostly just the gray city below, but it was kind of neat to be that high up! and mali did the same thing with her footie pj's too - however she loved her squeaky shoes so much that she actually slept in them for a month or two (which made naps interesting as she would wake herself up whenever they would squeak).