Monday, July 6, 2015

If this is 40...

The celebrations started clear back in February with a very fun and relaxing trip to Cancun with these lovely ladies! Six of the 10 of us who went are welcoming the Big 4-0 this year. That completely justifies a trip to a warm, tropical place, especially when it's grey and cold at home. The party started on the plane and didn't end til we got home to an ice storm in DC. It was such a fabulous weekend!

When the mimosas start pouring at 9am it's tough to keep everyone
together for a group shot of all 10!

Blue skies, blue water, white sand... bliss!

Really fun group that was celebrating the Big 3-0 in style!
After recovering from Cancun I had another 2 months until my birthday. I'd alternate between thinking "I've totally got this! I'm going to rock 40!" and "Dear God, I'm going to lay in bed all day with the covers over my head". It's not so much the number that is the issue. It's just how ridiculously fast time is flying by. How is it possible that I've lived half of my life already? And if these last 40 years have gone by this fast, the next will be here, like... tomorrow. That's the part where I start to hyperventilate. I just need it all to slow down.
I'd been dropping hints to Brad for over a year about what I wanted for my 40th. Okay, no hints, I just told him and everyone I knew (to make sure he'd do it!) that I wanted a surprise party. I LOVE surprises! They are kind of my love language. I gave him a list of names and told him to pick a date and send out invites but make sure I know nothing about when he was having it. He started talking about dates in July and I tried REALLY hard not to be annoyed and just be "appreciative" that he was trying. Regardless, he put it together (with some help from a few great friends!) before my birthday and truly surprised me. And the icing on the cake was that our dear friends, Shawn and Theresa, drove all the way from Ohio for just one night so that they could
celebrate with me!
Theresa brought a box full of photo booth stuff and managed to get pictures of everyone!

Cancun girls

Cadence hamming it up

Love this girl!

This one cracks me up! Theresa's arm looks like Cadence is holding the beer!

Some of my oldest friends (not old, oldest!)
A couple of weeks later I rounded out my birthday celebration with some good friends from my old hood. Miss seeing them everyday and was so happy to have them join me!

Theresa managed to get in one more surprise for me!
She sent two of my favorite things to work... cupcakes and
Adam Levine!

It was a great couple of months celebrating with family and friends, old and new. I have to say that if this is 40, it ain't so bad!