Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 8

It's been a good day!  We've seen so much of Cadence's personality today.  She loves to laugh and be silly.  The sound is music to my ears!  She will fit right in to Brad and the girls' wrestling matches... she's a tough girl!  Cadence was playing with a calculator and she held it up to her ear (like a phone) and started babbling - I guess she's seen that before!
We went to the Dazhao Temple today.  It's also known as the Silver Buddha Temple.  It was amazing and really neat to see all of these monks walking around.  We were all blessed by one of the monks.  Sierra was a little overwhelmed by all of the incense, but she managed to make it through!  Cadence did really well despite being there through her nap time.  We went down one of the local streets where they sell all different things... furs (they claim leopard, I think they are hyenas!), swords, Buddha statues, bodo bags.  Cadence gets a lot of looks.  Some people are very friendly and interact with her the way they would any baby, but others don't look so happy when they see her.  I'm sure it may be unusual for a person to have an unrepaired cleft lip,  but a little more discretion would be nice!  I know it's bound to happen though when we get home.  Most people have probably never seen one and it does look quite different.  I'm sure her dazzling personality will win everyone over though!!
Pics include smiling Cadence, Dazhao Temple lion, one of the monks


  1. I also remember those "looks" from others...both in China and once home...prior to Mali's lip being repaired. Luckily, my "mama bear" only had to come out a few times to put people in their place :) and you are absolutely right that her dazzling personality will win people over - that's what happened with Mali! I am so happy to hear that she is allowing her true personality to shine through already and her smile is absolutely captivating!

  2. OH and I am that her dazzling personality and adorable little face will win everyone over! She is so beautiful and I just can't wait to meet her! So happy for you all!

  3. I had thought the same about being out in public and people here looking and gauking, but in the 3 months b/4 surgery, I had very few comments about Levi's cleft. Mostly people just looked beyond it and talked w/ him as a "kid" out shopping with his mama.
    So happy all is going well for you and I'm sure at this point you are gearing up for the time in Guangzhou! I hope you have a blast there! There are so many awesome shops and it's so fun to see others and their adopted kids!
    "Must-visit" shops on Shamian Is... Jordan's, Jenny's, Judy's, and A Gift From China - these have the best prices!