Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bless this house

We are slowly getting settled in to our new home.  I am anxious to pick out paint colors and rugs and really feel settled.  Most days I love our new place.  However, the combination of grey days (LOTS of them) and fewer windows in this house, make me long for the vast openness of our old living room.  We had tons of windows and no blinds, so it was never dark in the house.  I loved that about it.  I miss that about it.  However, for every one thing that I miss about that place there are ten things that make this one better for us and our family. 
We had our house blessed this weekend.  I had intended from day one to do it with our last house and then, well, life got in the way.  It felt like something that I wanted to make a priority in our new home.  Our pastor came and said a blessing related to each room.  I love that there was a distinct blessing for a "teenager's room" that he had for Sierra.  The choir director played her flute at the end of each prayer.  Our dear friends and family who joined us took part in the blessing.  We ended in the basement where everyone wrote their own "blessing" on the beams of the unfinished room.  A word, scripture, or phrase that filled them with the idea of a happy, loving home.  Something for the figurative foundation of our lives on the literal foundation of our home.
A few of the writings:
"The family is one of nature's masterpieces"
"Peace be within your walls and serenity within your towers"
Sierra: "It is not a bad things that children should occasionally and politely put parents in their place" (My dad gave her that one.  Thanks Dad!)

I wrote what the pastor opened the blessing with:  "Peace to this home and all who enter"
I love that.  I'm big on peace.  In the world, in one's heart, in one's house.  Granted, with three kids there isn't much peacefulness, but I strive to find peace within when I am able.  It was a wonderful afternoon to in our home.  It was sunny, warm, the windows were open, and we were surrounded by those we love.  Feeling very blessed.