Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 2

Today was better than yesterday!  Everyone stayed healthy enough to tour ALL of Beijing!  The hotel lobby was filled with American families when we got up this morning.  There is another adoption group here besides CCAI, so lots of people waiting to get their children.  I was excited to meet up with some of the women that I have come to "know" through yahoo groups and the waiting process.  Sierra quickly hooked up with another 8 year old girl.  We headed out at 9am for a rickshaw tour, the silk factory, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, lunch at a local restaurant, the Imperial Gardens.  It was wonderful and we learned so much, but arrived back at the hotel at 6pm completely exhausted!  We got beautiful silk dresses for all of the girls, a few little knick-knacks, and some cool postcards for Sierra to take to class.  We were able to skype with Laurel and she is very happy with the fun weekend ahead!
Pics include our guide, Devon, Tiananmen Square, Brad & Sierra are superstars (they keep getting asked to be in locals' pics), and the Imperial Gardens.
( I have to attach pics one at a time due to the size)

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