Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 3

Another packed day!!  We started off with a moment of panic as we watched Sierra drink the water at breakfast.  She's been ok so far, so hopefully she avoided the badness.  We left the hotel at 8am and returned after 7pm.  We went to the jade market where we got the girls' chinese new year carved animals, a ring for me, and a pendant for Cadence (I plan to wear it on Gotcha Day then give it to her on a big day in her future).  Then on to the Great Wall of China.  Despite Brad's objection I insisted that we take the "hard" way that would make us "hero of heroes" if we managed to make it to the top... and we did!!  It was challenging, scary steep, and took lots of bribes to get Sierra to keep going, but we all made it!  My legs felt like jello coming down and I know we'll feel it tomorrow, but it was worth it.
On to the Cloisonne factory (no purchases) and another fabulous lunch.  We briefly stopped at the Olympic stadium & birds nest, but we were wiped out.  Finally got to rest at the acrobatic show which was amazing.  Found out that we need to be on the bus to the airport at 8am to head to Inner Mongolia.  Our itinerary states that we will meet Cadence on Monday.  It is not uncommon (particularly in Inner Mongolia) to have the time and even date moved up for your Gotcha Day.  Sometimes even as they have checked into their hotel!  So, I'm mentally preparing that we may meet Cadence tomorrow, but still emotionally preparing for it not to happen until Monday.  As I've asked before, please send good vibes this way and pray that Cadence's transition is as smooth as possible.


  1. I am proud you went the hard way, no whips. You did your own 4+ miler today. (Can't see all of your shirt but looks cute) Miss you!

  2. I hope to go as far as you guys did this time when we go to the Great Wall ourselves next week. The illusion of heights got me last time. My husband said the only way we can get Keaton is if I come back down. (I froze last time when I looked over the valley.) I will have a motivation to get back down!! LOL I hope our tour guide plans the acrobat show and Houtong ricksahw tour for our group. We enjoyed those greatly on our Honeymoon. Looks like you are having a great time.