Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is my washing machine off balance?

We had an earthquake here.  The problem is - this is Virginia!  I was sitting at my computer home when I heard a loud shaking noise.  First thought - "Is my washing machine off balance?".  As the whole house started to tremble I realized it was an earthquake.  I quickly ran upstairs, grabbed Cadence who was napping, and ran out of the house to safety with her.  No, wait... that's what I SHOULD have done!  Instead, I sat there in my chair in complete shock.  Didn't move... not an inch.  Wow!  This is what has been haunting me the most.  Where was my maternal instinct?  Why didn't I spring into action, some kind of action, any kind of action, to "save" my family?   When I was 19 years old heading back to Ohio from Florida during spring break our car went off the road and flipped over into a creek.  As the water rushed in I felt sure that I would drown and I sat there pulling at the door handle trying to get it open.  The door didn't budge until some guy was knocking on the window yelling "Unlock the door!".  I realized at that time that I had a difficult time keeping my senses about me when fight or flight response kicked in.  I had just assumed though, that when those I love were in danger, some sort of better, smarter instinct would kick in.  I think that a large part of me assumed that the earthquake would end quickly and harmlessly, like the tremor we had when I was at a playgroup 8 years ago.  I sat in my chair thinking "This will stop any second" having no idea that it would last at least 60 seconds.  Luckily for us the only casualty was a favorite vase.  Cadence seemed unfazed when my shaking legs finally supported me enough to go get her from her crib.  The girls were at school and were a little scared but still felt it was more of an adventure than anything (although they aren't feeling that way about these aftershocks coming at 1am).  Any tips for keeping it together during a catastrophe?!

My favorite vase

Sierra's dresser

Cadence's room

This may have actually been caused by Hurricane Cadence

Cadence thinks that even when the roof is coming down you should look good!

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