Monday, August 1, 2011

She can suck!!

Cadence can finally suck!!  I think that everyone in the restaurant knows that now considering how we all celebrated!  We started using juice boxes and Capri Sun drinks a few months ago and when she would make a seal with her lips around the straw I'd give it a little squeeze (like a reward).  She quickly caught on that with much insistence she could hold it herself and just squeeze the drink in, but we continued to work with it once a week or so.  She always wants to drink whatever I or the girls have and gets so frustrated when it has a straw and she doesn't get anything.

I was giving her water the usual way (placing my finger over the top of the straw, trapping water, and letting it pour into her mouth) when she insisted that I put the lid and straw on the cup.  Then I suddenly saw water in the straw and get all the way to her mouth!  The girls and I hooped and hollered!  We are so excited to reach this milestone.  Now, on to talking, girlfriend!

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  1. Congrats! That is a big milestone for these kiddos. I remember it well for both Van and Zak. Now just wait till the talking starts cause it won't stop...seriously...won't stop!