Thursday, August 4, 2011

She jumps!

Thanks to swim team we have been at the pool a lot this summer!  Cadence was out to prove her fearlessness early on - jumping off the side of the pool unattended and unfloatied.  She definitely requires a very close eye at the pool.  Her fearlessness even showed up at the deep end by jumping off the diving board!  Most of the time she doesn't seem like she needs me a lot (she is very independent), but this is one time when she does - just a little bit.  Just one finger's worth of reassurance and I gladly gave it to her.  She walks all of the way out to the end of the board by herself then turns back to me and holds out her hand.  I give her one finger which she holds onto, oh so gently, and then she steps off the board and lets go.  I love that moment!  The moment when she takes a little bit of strength and comfort from me to give her the courage to JUMP!  I hope she will grow to know that she can always find that strength and comfort in me.

Words of encouragment to jump to Laurel who is waiting for her

Momentary pause to ham it up for the camera

She jumps...

...and recovers

One day she'll be doing this!

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