Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spa day and fashion show

Welcome to the Williams House of Style!  We started off with some pampering.  Doll baby gets a lavender infused lotion massage.

Sierra and Laurel enjoy a citrus foot soak while Laurel perfects her "Mwah!" face (or that could be her monkey face - not sure!).

I dug out my paraffin wax treatment and made sure it was as cool as possible.  The girls screamed as they dipped their feet into it but continued on with the 2nd foot.  They are learning that there is a price to beauty!

My ghetto paraffin wrap since I couldn't find the ones that go with it!  The girls thought it was hilarious that they were putting saran wrap on their feet.  Cadence wanted to partake in some of the spa day herself.

Laurel and Sierra decided to dress Cadence up and have her "pose".  Looks like she might be a natural!

 I think the diva is done!


  1. You know reading your blog confirms what I thought all along. You really are super mom.... I am oh so jealous!

  2. Looks like they enjoyed spa day! Cute pics!