Friday, November 25, 2011


As I said, I have some catching up to do!  These were portraits that were done October 2010!  My good friend Megan, of Oldfields Photograpy  , took photos of the girls and a couple family shots. We haven't had professional family photos in years and I really wanted some good pictures before Cadence had her surgery.  Megan, of course, delivered!

We bought these dresses in China in preparation for Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Why is it impossible for me to get such good smiles out of them?!

Don't let the smiles fool you ... there was plenty of "stern" talking during this family shot!

Megan proposed that we let them jump on the bed.  Of course the girls loved it, although I kept thinking "This is the shot where we will say '... and right after this Cadence had her arm dislocated'!"
Luckily that didn't happen, but the girls had a blast and tons of fun smiles!

I adore this one of my "big girls"

This is Cadence's wrestling stance... she's gonna take you doooowwwwn!

I love her face now, but I loved this smile first! (and miss it a little)


  1. Adorable pics! I can relate to missing Kanah's smile prior to surgery too. We had his pic done on granite for family and I looked at them this morning prior to wrapping them for Christmas. I had not unwrapped any of the Chinese newspaper wrapping on all the gifts we bought to inspect for damage in flight home until today.

  2. I'm so glad we have some good "before" pics! I hope you opened everything in one piece!