Monday, November 7, 2011

My first!

I refinished my first piece of furniture!  I've had this table since 1998.  It has usually been an entry way table and I decided it was time for a change.  It had a little to do with the white walls of our new house bearing down on me.  I needed color - somewhere, anywhere, everywhere!  How about on the table?  I found a beautiful Robin's Egg Blue that went well with the new rug (love!) for my front door. didn't tell forgot to tell Brad that I wasn't painting it black as I had originally planned. 

We carted it to the basement and I filled in the scratches and holes with wood filler then sanded the whole table down.  As I wiped away the dust I had an "Oh sh#t!" moment when I saw the scratched up finish.  What the heck was I thinking ruining a perfectly good table?  I had never refinished anything before.  What if it turned out terrible?!  By that time though, I had to do something else with it.  Over the next few weeks days I primed it, painted it, and held my breath as I called Brad down to check it out.  I got the reaction I anticipated.  "It's blue.  Really blue.  It's not going to work up there."  I had been throwing around the idea of putting an aging glaze on it so I figured I'd try that to tone it down a bit.  After finally finding what I wanted I put a very light coat of glaze on it, a coat of poly, put on the new knobs I picked out, and voila!

I carried it upstairs myself so that I could admire it without naysayers Brad in the background.  And I love it!  Guess what?  Brad said he actually likes it too!  I am picking up a new dresser on Thursday to refurnish for Sierra's room.

My only before picture (after wood filler)

My "Oh sh#t" moment!

The blue isn't exact in this picture, but it is bright


In case you've never seen this really cool thing, it's paintable wallpaper.  I wanted to paint our computer room a deeper, darker color, but not the entire room.   Since there isn't a chair rail, this was a great way to break it up.  I had seen this in a home a very long time ago and have been waiting for the chance to do it.  Love it too!  Just need to get some pictures up on the walls.

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