Saturday, November 26, 2011

A month of Thanksgiving (all at once!)

I found out about an event called "Thanksq" on Facebook.  It stood for Thanks squared  and you were supposed to use your Instagram or Retrocam on your phone and post a picture about what you were thankful for during the month of November.  I have been excited to use the new app on my phone so it was a lot of fun!  Here they are in no particular order or degree of thankfulness!

Thankful for trees that look like they are on fire

I'm thankful for my job.  I'm amazed and humbled everyday by these kids who have made me believe in miracles. 

Thankful for beautiful moon rises

Thankful for my girl who is growing up and expressing herself

Thankful for a little girl who saves the last piece of candy for her daddy

Thankful for awesome people in my life like my hair dresser who "cuts" Cadence's hair every time we are there, just because Cadence asks!

Thankful for darling daughters daintily drinking tea

Thankful for dry, warm boots that are cute to boot

Thankful for children who delight in the small things (like winding the vacuum cord)

Thankful for my first moderately successful attempt at fondant

Thankful for spontaneous and rare alone time with my girl

Thankful for an amazing speech therapist who does whatever it takes to bring words to my girl

Thankful for early sunsets, longs shadows, and games of shadow tag til you're breathless

Thankful for birthday celebrations and Chandler's cake

Thankful for 3 of the biggest blessing in my life.  I'm one very lucky mama!

Thankful to see maternal instinct in this girl who had no mama for the first 16 months of her life

Thankful for little girls who still want to be little (despite idolizing their big sister)

Thankful for trips down memory lane

Thankful for my husband who works tirelessly for our family but can still be a kid at heart

Thankful for big holes that will create lots of fun & memories for years to come

Thankful for LAF. It's her initials... and it's what I do all of the time I'm with her!

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