Friday, November 25, 2011

Laurel turns 7!

My sweet girl turned 7 years old this month!  "Sweet" really sums her up... it always has.  She has a sweet little face and sweet little voice.  Most of all, her heart is sweet.  She will refuse to eat the last piece of candy if she knows that someone hasn't gotten a bite.  She is continuously worried about the homeless and wants to give them all of her money.  If she sees that someone is upset she tries to help them or at least hug them.  She is just a sweetheart!

Laurel has also matured a lot this past year.  She really seems much more grown up.  She loves to read (like her big sis!) and is excelling in school.  She has her own mind and seems to make almost of her choices without indecision or regret.  I pray that she will carry all of these traits with her throughout her life.

Laurel decided to get her ears pierced for her birthday.  She recently watched Sierra gets her ears repierced and it was done one at a time.  Laurel was insistent (and there was no changing her mind!) that she wanted it done the same way.  As I had anticipated, with the pinch of the first ear she cried and cried.  Poor girl.  After a few minutes though, she determinedly said she wanted the second one done!  She looks so cute and is happy that she did it.

She decided to have a gymnastics birthday party and all of the kids had a ball!  I had my first attempt at making fondant decorations.  It took a few batches and many hours, but it turned out cute!  Laurel also decided to make donations to UVA Children's Hospital in lieu of birthday gifts for herself.  The families were so generous and we'll be dropping off 4 big bags of games, toys, and books to the hospital.  Besides asking for a cell phone, TV, DVD player, dog, horse, and car (really?!) for her birthday, the number one item on her list was an American Girl doll.  The grandparents came through for her and she is a happy girl! 

Before getting her ears pierced.  The after was too sad to show.

She loves Elizabeth

Hamming it up at her party

Even Cadence got to take part!

This was called "Rocket Ship"... I REALLY wanted to do it!

Sierra caught some air

Another favorite, the foam pit

And the parachute

Celebration #3 with our good friend Kelli who shares a birthday with Laurel!

Happy Birthday, Laurel

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