Saturday, September 3, 2011

Women's 4-miler

I am not a runner.  Generally, I prefer to run only when I'm being chased or something is on fire!  However, in 2006 I decided to shed the last of my baby weight by training for the Women's 4-miler.  I've done it every year since, with the exception of last year when I was busy climbing the Great Wall of China.   It raises money for a great cause and it hugely popular here in town.  All 3500 spots were filled within 15 hours of registration opening this year!  Sierra and I were lucky enough to get two spots.  This was Sierra's first race and we failed miserably at training (too late, too hot, too tired - so many excuses!).  We still decided to give it a go and as always, I'm so happy we did.  Although we ran/walked it, we pushed ourselves and managed to run across the finish line.  We got to hang out with lots of friends and support so many women who participate in this fabulous event!

Running is always better when it's with friends!

Teaching them how to "Run like a girl"!

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