Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bowling party

Due to my work schedule we finally had Sierra's birthday party 2 weeks after her special day.  She wanted a bowling party and they had a blast!  It was bumper bowling (thank goodness) and even though all of the kids were 9-years-old they sometimes used the ball roller (stand to roll the ball down - can't think of a proper term!).  Luckily the bowling alley sequestered them at the end by themselves... it got quite rambunctious - not a good combo while carting around bowling balls!  But they all had a blast!

The "throwing" of balls was quite loud

Laurel's perfect stance

Sierra and her good friend Will - he stuck it out even though he was the only boy!

Sierra and Maddie

Bowling cake (not my best work, but the kids didn't care!)

This year Sierra wanted to donate her "gifts" to the Children's Hospital.  It was especially close to her heart since her classmate has been there a lot undergoing chemotherapy.  Sierra is so excited to take 4 bags of toys, games, and books for the kids at the hospital to play with!  We started doing this at Sierra's 3rd birthday party and I am so proud to hear them bring up ideas each year about where they want their party presents to go.

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