Thursday, September 1, 2011

My baby is 9!

My baby turned 9 years old this weekend!  As everyone says "Where has the time gone?".  Or more depressingly, as Brad put it "We are halfway through our time with her".  Ouch.  That thought hurts.  But it's true... in another 9 years she will be headed off to college, an adult, starting her life away from us. I cannot even imagine it.  I hope and pray that in the next nine years she will continue to grow into the smart, caring, funny woman that I get to see in her little girl's face everyday now.  I hope that we will give her the skills to take on all of the challenges of everyday life and to feel grateful that she has each day to do so.  All I know is that I am thankful, everyday, that I have the privilege of having her in my life. 

We got to celebrate her actual birthday during our annual camping trip with our friends.  Sierra was so excited to have a breakfast Pop-Tart with her good friend Hannah!

I managed to set up the streamers so that she could "Bust in" to the new year!

This was the last time the kids stood still after donuts and Pop-Tarts for breakfast

We did a combo b-day celebration for Sierra and her Gramma

Sierra was beyond excited when she opened up her I-pod touch (Brad's old one)!

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