Thursday, September 15, 2011

Williams-Meade annual campout

We have been going camping with our friends since Sierra was 3 years old!  We don't talk on the phone very much, but every year when we get together it feels like we have just seen each other.  Gayle and I joined a playgroup when Sierra and Hannah were just a few months old.  Sierra sobbed when they moved 4 hours away, but she and Hannah are best buddies when we get together.  Despite usually preferring to hang with girls instead of boys, Laurel and their son, Wesley, are a great team too.  We typically car camp at a national park, but thanks to Greg's hook-up, we got a remote cabin in The Nature Conversancy.  It was rustic but had a toilet and shower (yay!) and we had as much fun as ever (despite fearing that our car wouldn't make it up the "road" to get there!).

The first night the kids all slept in the tent together and the grown-ups slept on the front porch.  I've never slept outside and it was wonderful and refreshing!  We went on a nature walk the next day and the kids just completely occupied themselves doing random things.  Unfortunately, Brad had to come back to the house due to the hurricane and decided to take Cadence with him.  I felt a little lost not having someone to chase after, but it was some nice downtime. We got light showers at the cabin and the kids and I all slept inside the second night.  We all slept downstairs and felt quite "Little House on the Prairie-ish" - I loved it!

We ate too many smore's, got really dirty feet, and went home smelling like a campfire... all in all, a wonderful campout weekend!

Yep, that's my child!  Running around in her diaper with juice dripping off her face onto her dirty shirt - love it!

Sierra and Hannah off to catch... something!

Cadence was happy in the morning

Wesley ended up in bed with his parents (notice he isn't in the group picture!)

Laurel coaxing Cadence into the tent

Upstairs bunk beds that no one slept in

Trapper's Lodge

Laurel's friend... she is the ultimate bug catcher and wants to keep them all

Really dirty feet - sign of a good campout!

See?  Definite Little House on the Prairie vibes!

Kid's enjoying the last morning breakfast of donuts and poptarts

Finally, evidence that I was on this trip!

Group picture (minus Wesley)

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