Monday, October 25, 2010


Today was Cadence's first day with a babysitter. We've found a very sweet girl named Katie who is actually willing to come to our houst at 5:30am when Brad leaves for work and I am still at the hospital for night shift. Brad and I have primarily opposite schedules, so we probably won't have to use her much. Today we had to get the basement repainted (our house is on the market) so Katie watched Cadence while I slept and Brad painted.

Katie is very easy going and engaging with the girls. She had no problem coming in and really just taking over care for the kids. Cadence seemed to enjoy her time with Katie and only cried a bit when I went up to bed. Unfortunately, Cadence's anxiety seems to have surfaced tonight. She ususally goes to bed very easily but tonight she cried everytime I walked out of the room. Oh, how I wish she could talk!! I imagine something like this is going through her head:

"That girl was nice, but the last time I was handed to a complete stranger (Brad and me) I never saw everyone that I had lived with for the last year. Is that what they are planning on again?"

Poor kid! I know she will adjust and this will be a part of her/our lives, but talk about some Mommy Guilt!


  1. oh, poor thing! She'll adjust, though. Where are you going to move to???

  2. she'll get there, don't worry. it's awesome that you can have someone come in your home to watch cadence. i know a few people from my travel group that had to send their children to daycare after only 6 weeks. hang in there! she'll get accustomed to it and eventually realize that you and brad are here to stay :)

  3. We have bought some land here in the same county... just moving to the country! (24 acres... once our house sells!)