Monday, October 11, 2010


I have known a lot of doctors throughout my career and have a few favorite names: Dr. Love (a cardiologist) and Dr. Doctor (pediatric intensivist). Soon we will come to know Dr. Horribly... aptly, an orthodontist (ok so it's spelled "Horbaly" but I think the former is more fitting!). Cadence has been to 4 different doctors since we've been home. Her general pediatrician, the plastic surgeon, the ENT, and the dentist. Tomorrow we will head to the International Adoption Clinic.

We've been told that she will probably have at least 3 to 4 surgeries from a plastics standpoint. The ENT said that kids with clefts generally have 3 sets of tubes placed. She will most likely have braces placed when she is 6'ish and keep them on until she is 18 or 19. So I think we will come to know Dr. Horribly very well.

I had thought that she would have her lip repaired this month or so and then wait 6 months to have her palate done. The surgeon said that because she is 17 months and so close to developing her speech, he wants to repair her palate now. I wasn't quite ready for this and all it entails. Four weeks of soft foods, no-no's on her arms so she can't put anything in her mouth (including her blanket and thumb to sooth herself to sleep), the pain and discomfort of a big surgery. I was hoping to delay all of this for at least a few months. But I trust the surgeon and know it's better to only have anesthesia once (for now), so I guess this is the road we will journey down now. He hopes to have her scheduled for the beginning of November. Since I will want to be home for her recovery I am headed back to work this week for a few shifts here and there. I'll post more when we have a date.

Everything else is going wonderfully! Things continue to be baseline busy and Cadence is adjusting well to it all. She went for her first long hike this weekend and first Virginia wine tasting (of course, she didn't taste, but she enjoyed the picnic)! I don't seem to get much done around the house during her waking hours which is why I'm signing off now... I'll be getting up before the sun to fit my workout in! I'll post some pics tomorrow!


  1. Hang in there with the surgery. The palate was much rougher for Mali than the lip, but she made it through. She didn't want to eat or even drink, much for the first 3 days, so we had to stay at the hospital, but after that, she did great! Of course, I have another friend whose son had his palate fixed and was back to eating soft foods nearly the next day! There's no telling how she'll do, but bottom line, she'll be fine. I also recommend getting a "magic bullet" or mini food-processor (if you don't already have one). We used it for Mali for months prior to her surgeries, and after. That way, you can just throw whatever you're eating in, and blend it up. Much easier (and tastier than that awful baby food!) Good luck ~ we'll be sending good thoughts & prayers her way!

  2. We get a glimpse of what we are in for next week. We go to the palate and International Adoption team appts next week. I may be going back to work earlier also if they do not do his palate surgery when I want it done in early Nov. I hope all of Cadence 's surgery goes well, and will keep you all in our prayers! I will let you know when Keaton's gets arranged.