Thursday, October 14, 2010


These are a little late, but some people have asked about Cadence's room. Sierra and Laurel used the same crib bedding, but I sold that a few years ago and was happy to buy Cadence new bedding. I was searching for polka dots and found a great deal on her bedding online! I already loved the sage green color that was in the 4th bedroom and found that it would match well with the new crib set. The bumper and quilt have green, brown, and pink polka dots on one side and an adorable bird print on the other. I already had a "family tree" from years past (it's from Hallmark, where you put your family's pictures on it) so that seemed fitting to stay in the room. My friend, Kristi, painted some fabulous pictures that match the bedding too! The room is small, so only a small book shelf, dresser, and rocking glider could comfortably fit. The "China" box next to the bookshelf was made about a year ago. The girls were always bringing things home or drawing pictures for the "China girl" so I made something to hold it all! And the giraffe was made by my grandfather for my brother. It has been taking up space in my parents' basement, so we figured we should get it out for the last of the grandkids. All in all, it's simple and sweet!


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  2. It's sooo great to see your beautiful family all together! yay! So precious! so happy for you. I look forward to checking in regularly. Tell Sierra hello!
    The Stanley Family

  3. Love Cadence's room. The quilt is very pretty and so are the pictures your friend painted! Very special treasures. We made twin bed quilts 4 years ago thinking we would get a little girl, so they are now on a quilt rack. Maybe the next baby will be a girl and they become of use. Love the giraffe too! Keaton has the safari theme for his nursery and loves giraffes. He says "raffe"!