Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bald is Beautiful!

Sierra raised over $3500 and shaved her head for St.Baldrick's Foundation! Thursday was one of my proudest days as I watched my daughter sit on stage, through her nervousness, and do something that many grown-ups would cringe at doing.  All in the name of helping raise money for pediatric cancer research and to honor her friend Alyssa.  I was anxious about how she would react to her bald head, but she has shown grace and courage and she looks beautiful.  She has let her friends sign her head and when she's not cold she sports her new due proudly!  Sierra's friends and family rallied around to cheer her on during the event and those that couldn't make it were definitely there in spirit!  It was an emotional and beautiful day.  We are so thankful for all of the donations and love that Sierra has received over the past weeks. 

Hair ready to be cut and sent to Locks of Love

Our FAVORITE barber!  Thanks for doing round 2 with us, Mary!

Team LAL (Live Alyssa Live) - Tamara and Sierra

Cadence was working on Kelli's hair

Alyssa's mom, dad, and sister Lexie joined us!

Team LAL after!  It's colder now!

Lexie and Laurel enjoying sweet treats

Abby cheered Sierra on!

Our friends support Sierra and the Bloop sign

Visiting her class the next day to get some body art

Hopefully this is as close as Sierra ever gets to having body art on her head!

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