Friday, March 8, 2013

Where's her mom?

The snowstorm that they were predicting this week, the one that I pshawed and rolled my eyes at...  yes, that one.  Well, it actually happened.  Snow fell hard and heavy enough to knock out our power.  Instead of being simply snowed in we were stuck in a powerless house with no running water.  One of the side effects of not having public utilities that I hate.  We had been planning to head to my happy place the next day.  When Brad got home from work we called Great Wolf Lodge to see if we could change our reservation to that night.  We grabbed our suits, crossed our fingers, and braved the roads.

We finally got to the water park and were having a ball!  Heat, running water, AND entertainment for the kids... win,win,win!  Eventually, though, the breakdowns came.  At one point Cadence was throwing a fit.  I was talking to Laurel, trying to focus on what she was saying, waiting for Cadence to chill out so I could deal with her more effectively.  A girl about 10 years old walked by with an older brother.  She stopped and was fretting about Cadence.  Probably 30 seconds went by and I finally stopped my conversation with Laurel and picked Cadence up.  I thought the girl would walk away but she came up to me.  She looked so concerned, almost distraught. 

"Where is her mom?" she said.
"Me" I muttered, trying to get Cadence to settle.
"No, where is her mom?" the girl practically shouted.
"It's me.  I'm her mom!" as the realization kicked in... oh, yeah, I don't look like her mom.

It seems so obvious to me.  Of course I'm Cadence's mom.  How could someone think anything else?!  Well, I guess there is... that!

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