Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dance, Alyssa, Dance

To say yesterday was a hard day would be an understatement.  Brad, Sierra, and I went to the celebration of life for our sweet friend Alyssa.  She fought a long and brave battle with osteosarcoma.  On New Years Eve Alyssa left her earthly body, on to other things that we can only imagine.  I struggle with religion often, but I don't doubt that there is a place that is our own perception of perfect that waits for us after we die.  That helps a little when a loved one passes but it cannot take away the hurt and the want to have them here with us.  We have known Alyssa's family since Sierra and Laurel were very little, but we were lucky to become close with them over the last couple of years.  I would often visit Alyssa and Lynn when they were in the hospital for treatment.  Sierra and Alyssa shared a love of books.  Laurel and Lexie share a love of silliness and being center stage!  Alyssa was comfortable enough with my nursing background to sleepover at our house this past summer.  We celebrated birthdays and raising money for cancer research.  I have been blessed in so many ways to have grown close to this family.  I have gotten to enjoy Alyssa's wit and humor, to witness the very special relationship between sisters, and an amazing love among this family.  I have watched in awe as this entire community came together to support Alyssa and her family.  We will miss so many things about Alyssa.  Sierra is doing okay... processing Alyssa's death as a 10 year old is able.   The service yesterday was heart wrenching and beautiful.  Jeff rang the bell that Alyssa was never able to since her fight with cancer continued even after chemo was finished.  There were songs and dancing for the children that made us laugh as Alyssa would have.  So many meaningful words were spoken.  Among my favorite though "Live, Alyssa, Live.  Dance, Alyssa, Dance.  Play, Alyssa, Play" as well as "Live, Lexie, Live.  Live, Lynn, Live.  Live, Jeff, Live".  The strength, courage, humor, and love of Alyssa will live on in our hearts forever.  We love you all, Divers family!

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