Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RIP Rummy

She was my first baby.  I adopted Rummy (Rum Tum Tugger) a few weeks after I got my first apartment when I was 22 years old.  She was just a tiny thing and quickly grew attached to me.  Rummy was more dog-like than cat-like.  She would follow me around my apartment, sitting on the bathtub ledge when I took a shower, begging for treats, never skittish.  Back in those pre-kid days I was able to take random naps during the day and Rummy would always curl up on my stomach and nap with me.  At night she slept on my pillow.  Cupid came to me a year later when I thought Rummy needed some company.  I adored both of them... as evidenced by the pages of pictures of them in my old photo albums!  When I moved to California I left the cats in Ohio with my parents for my three month assignment.  I missed them so much and swore that I wouldn't do that again.  When I met Brad in California he sensed that I might one day be a "crazy cat lady".  I'd tell him how great my cats were, how they were different from other cats, how I couldn't wait for him to meet them!  When I reread that it does conjure images of me sitting a rocking chair with cats swarming around me!
Brad and I got married, Sierra was born, and Rummy quickly lost her status as "my baby".  I think she'd spent the last 10 years wondering what happened.  She's always loved attention so much that she would sit in a room full of toddlers during playgroup just waiting to be petted.  Rummy remained sweet until the end.  A few days ago she seemed off.  The next day even more so and we prepared ourselves and the kids that we would be saying good-bye soon.  Laurel stayed up late last night with me holding Rummy and telling her what a good cat she's always been, how she always had the softest fur.  Rummy died peacefully in my arms, I'm sure just how she would have wanted.  She may have lost her status as "my baby" years ago, but she will always have a very special place in my heart.  We'll miss her.
First cat, first apartment.

 We both look so young! 16 years ago!

Just last week

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  1. Aww Stacy...I'm so sorry. It truly is like losing a family member. It's so perfect you were able to give her such a loving send off. She sounds like she had a great life. Hoping you find some comfort. ~hugs~