Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin carving

After my parenting fail last Halloween when we never carved our pumpkins and they ended up turning into Christmas decorations, I was bound and determined to do it this year! Due to Brad's rigorous school schedule for many years as well as non-banker hour jobs for both of us, I have really missed not having the whole family take part in traditional events like this.  I also hate cleaning the pumpkins out so I was extra happy to have Brad and the girls working on that one too!  Not sure how they felt about it.  Actually I do know how they felt about it based on the pictures below!

This is how they felt about it!

No question

Cadence did a great job of carving her own pumpkin (after Brad got the holes started)

Sierra really liked her pumpkin!

Cadence, mine, Laurel, Sierra (Laurel had a surprise in hers. The note tells you to "lift up and look in")


Laurel's surprise!  Very creative!  She hung a piece on a toothpick from the top.

Geriatric pumpkin?!  I guess we did them a little too early!

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