Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

I'm finally getting around to posting about Christmas!  As it is, I sit here in the warm sunlight with the windows open, and I'm not even that far behind!  It was so cool, rainy, and wet last night that I was worried about the chickens.  Although I love the summer and look forward to it coming, I've got a few very cute scarves that I'm ready to bust out if it ever gets cold enough! 

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas this year.  As time goes on I can look back and see what a funk I was in last year at this time.  We were living in a rental (while so grateful for a roof over our heads, I couldn't stand the mauve carpet, green counters, and drawers that wouldn't open unless the oven door was down), adjusting to Brad starting a new job, and still figuring out life with a toddler.  When I think back I barely even remember last Christmas.  I didn't realize how much post-adoption depression was affecting me.  So, this kind of felt like our first "real" Christmas in a way.  Our own home, decorations, and cheer - it was wonderful!

My in-laws came down on Christmas eve to celebrate and open presents since they were headed out of town and then we went to church.  We spent a leisurely Christmas morning at home and headed to my parents' house after naptime.  I never felt rushed or stressed!  There was lots of Christmas love and hugs and joy... truly a beautiful day!

Homemade Christmas ornaments (thank you, Pinterest!)

Yes, Cadence, that's how I felt too when I saw how many power tools you got!

I guess Daddy's feet need some work

Reliving our many doctor appointments!

So many attempts at family photos.... so many fails!

Any ideas on how to get a 2 year old to smile on command?

Christmas pj's

Laurel got the honor of reading "The Night Before Christmas" this year.
The book in her right hand is the one I read as a child!

We never carved our Halloween pumpkins, but they became a "snowman" of sorts

We figure by the time Santa gets to our house he might be ready for a cold one.  Rudolph's the DD anyway, right?!

I've turned into my mother.  "Kids, we are really sticking to our budget this year"  Yeah, right!

Christmas love!

One of my favorite gifts of all time... a bongo!!  I need to learn to play it now so that I can join the drum circle on the downtown mall!

Sierra was pretty excited about her keyboard!

Laurel and Cadence are loving their car

Some Xbox fun!

Cadence carries this everywhere now!

More Christmas love!

The girls all love these deer at my parents house

Reynaldo's last night with us.  He's quite the poser!

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  1. Great Christmas pics! Love the Santa's treats! We totally forgot that part this year.I will add Blue Moon to Santa's list of favorite snacks for 2012. Luckily the boys were to young to realize it! LOL