Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Williams-Meade Campout 2012

Although it happened over a month ago, it was no less forgettable!  In August we went to Douthat State Park with our friends the Meades.  It's been an annual tradition since Sierra was 3 years old.  Even though the kids only see each other a couple of times a year they fall in to step every time.  Despite Laurel's "aversion" to boys, she hooks up with Wesley like long lost friends!  It is always an easy going, relaxing, fun weekend.

We showed up on Friday and the big kids immediately took off towards the playground with Cadence trying to tag along.  A typical youngest sibling, she often forgets that she is only three years old and tries as hard as she can to keep up with them.  By the end of the weekend Cadence kept up pretty well on her scooter!  The evening was spent playing in the creek, swinging on the swings, and eating s'mores.  Saturday was overcast but that didn't stop the kids from playing at the beach and swimming in the chilly water.  It started to drizzle that evening and we crossed our fingers as we watched a big storm heading our way.  Brad was geared up to leave in the middle of the night if the tent started leaking, but luckily that didn't happen.

We enjoyed our time with Gayle and Greg.  Sierra, Hannah, Wesley, and Laurel played together like no time had  passed since they last saw each other.  Cadence had her first successful campout.  A good time was had by all!

Cadence showing off her tattoos before we left

Cadence crashed out... she hasn't done this since we were in China (Brad loved it!)


The crew

Our silly pose (I don't know why we all leaned to the same side!)

Cadence was smart enough to stay out of the water and "relax"

Hannah relaxing!

The really cool lake island

Fun times at Douthat

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