Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our first double digiter

My baby girl turned 10 this week.  Look at that... it's two digits!  How did this happen?!  This means that teens are right around the corner, college is around the block, marriage and babies are... oh my.  How did this happen?  Ok, I'll move past my shock to focus on the celebration.

Sierra woke up at my parents house to the traditional "Bust into your new year".  Sadly I missed that since I was at work (not to worry, though, Laurel did another one).  I struggled throughout the week trying to decide what, if anything, I would do for a birthday celebration at school.  Now that 5th grade has moved up to middle school a lot of the things that used to be fun now have the potential to be life altering embarrassment for Sierra.  So I tread lightly to balance what the little girl inside of her still hopes for and what the tween to come worries about.  After much deliberation at 3am with my co-workers I settled on taking honeybuns up to the school office and having the secretary deliver them to her homeroom class to distribute to her friends.  It was a big hit and she did appreciate my effort!  Much to my delight, she invited me to lunch next week.

Due to after school activities we had pizza and cinnasticks with candles to make a wish, of course.  The day after her birthday she got her request for chili.  Because what else would you request on an 85 degree day?  Brad and I both being home from work we enjoyed a family birthday dinner with cheesecake to top off the celebration.  (I'm not completely slacking... I will actually bake a cake for her birthday party!)  She opened her gifts and then Laurel coordinated balloon games for the girls and me.  We ran, fell down, bumped into each other, and laughed, then did it all again!  It was a great reminder for me that, although she is double digits and growing up way too fast, Sierra is still a kid who likes to have fun. 

Laurel's "Bust through" set up complete with candy

Here she goes!

Rock girls rule

Cadence agrees... I think!

Shiloh does not

Cheesecake cake, although the kids were more excited about the sugar letters

Make a wish

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  1. Happy Birthday to Sierra! The pic of Cadence is a hoot!