Tuesday, September 18, 2012


And this little piggy went to preschool...  We had debated about whether or not to send Cadence to preschool this year.  She still has two years before kindergarten and considering her speech delay, I was concerned that putting her in a room with 8 or 9 others kids would leave both her and the teacher frustrated.  We were going to hold off until a friend of mine, and former school teacher, said that she wanted to teach a small preschool group in her home.  It sounded like the perfect set-up.

So Cadence, my baby, has started school!  Only two days a week for three hours a day, so I don't feel like she's gone too much, but I'm not going to lie (and I won't get Parent of the Year for saying this) it's nice to have a little breather.  Even better than that, though, she seems to be loving it!  She wakes up on school mornings ready to "go to cool".  By the time we get to Ms. Holly's house she has grown a little more clingy and whines "Don't go, Mommy".  She is easily distracted with the new toys that surround her and I leave without tears.  By the time I get back though, she smiles and says "Mommy, go away!"  The perfect mix of happy to see me but happy enough to stay there and play with toys and friends that she doesn't see everyday.  I think that this will be good!

Hamming it up for the first day

Officially the second day, but my printer had no ink the first day!  And I loved the outfit that she put together!

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  1. Too cute! How wonderful that she's enjoying it so much (but of course, still showing the "right" amount of hesitation in your leaving). For what it's worth, we put our 2-year-old (at the time- 2011) in daycare with his big sister in the same building, and saw a huge jump in his vocabulary. He learned a LOT from his peers. We took him out & kept both kids home over the summer, and noticed he'd hit a plateau by the end of summer. He's been back in daycare since early August, and has once again started taking off with his speech. He's 3 now & we're working on 2-3-word sentences.

    I hope you have a similar experience with Cadence & preschool!!