Thursday, August 2, 2012


Oh, how my kids LOVE sleepovers.  They love having kids over as well as going to other homes.  Any playdate with a friend results in an invitation (often not yet verified by me!) for their friend to spend the night.  This one was long overdue.  Sierra's friend Alyssa has been undergoing treatment for osteosarcoma since early last year.  She hasn't been able to have a sleepover at someone's house for 18 months!  This can seem like a lifetime when you are 10!  Alyssa came home from Texas where she is being treated just 2 weeks ago, was feeling pretty good and adjusting to her recent leg amputation.  Sierra had missed her while she was gone and was immediately all over me to have a sleepover with Alyssa.  The icing on the cake is that Alyssa's sister is Laurel's age and she and Lexie are friends!  Yay, sleepovers for everyone!

The girls came over in the early evening with their mom, Lynn, to enjoy the pool and dinner.  It rained early but cleared up enough for the kids to jump in despite cooler temps (they really didn't care that their lips were blue!).  Alyssa has had so little time to be a child the past year and half.  She has had to make many "grown-up" decisions and has carried the weight of the world on her shoulders through this terrible process.  She has worried about things that no child should have to worry about.  That is why it is beautiful to watch her play.   To be silly and laugh and push her mom's comfort zone... just like every 10 year old should.  To feel like for these moments that her world is in balance, just as it should be. Alyssa and Sierra had lots of laugh and fun in the pool.  Lexie and Laurel fell right in step and had a blast too!

When it came time for Lynn to leave I think that we adults were more nervous than the kids.  I wanted both Alyssa and Lexie to have fun and feel comfortable.  Lynn hasn't been away from Alyssa's side for very many nights.  After the movie and during bedtime Lexie became a little homesick and I got to witness how amazing Alyssa is as a big sister.  I know that Sierra loves Laurel, but the bond between Alyssa and Lexie is strong and beautiful.  Everyone made it through the night - a successful sleepover!

Unfortunately, just a few days later Alyssa found another lump on her residual limb.  She is undergoing surgery for that today and as always we hold her in our prayers.  Please let this be the last so that Alyssa can move ahead with many, many more sleepovers to come!

Sierra being silly and lots of "take a picture of this, Mom!"

Alyssa trying to relax

 I did say trying, right?!

Alyssa trying to decide if she would jump or dive off the board

Dive it is!

Laurel's cannonball

Sierra hamming it up

Alyssa the starfish

Laurel and Lexie conspiring

Being typical little sisters

Lexie jumps

Alyssa carrying Sierra!

The rain clouds passing with the sunset as the moon peaks through... gorgeous
ending to a wonderful evening

Movie and popcorn time!

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