Friday, August 17, 2012

First day of school 2012-2013

School has officially started.  Laurel is off to a new school for second grade.  She wasn't thrilled with having to switch but she has an amazing teacher and gets to sit next to her good friend.  She's a social butterfly, so I'm sure that she will make friends fast and have a good year.  The day before the first day was challenging.  She hated her new haircut (which is adorable and just like every other haircut she gets, but she didn't want it that short... ok, I did!) and said she did not want to go to school because of it.  Really?! You're seven, kid!  Our friend Laura came to the rescue.  She took time out of her evening to put a braid in Laurel's hair that she loved!  Thank you Laura, you saved the first day of school!

Sierra is officially in middle school now.  That makes my stomach turn a bit even as I write it.  From what I remember, middle school kind of sucks.  Mean girls surface, cliques are prevalent, and hormones start flooding the brain.  I just remember a lot of angst and heartache when I think of middle school.  Things that I don't want my kids to have to go through.  I guess those are a part of life and made me the person I am today (for better or worse!).  But I just want to keep Sierra in my bubble.  I want to protect her and keep her happy.  I pray that she will have a better experience than I did and that she will grow and thrive in positive ways.  Cross your fingers for us!

Ready to go!

This is the "Act like you love each other" pose

Apparently this is Brad's plan for the school year! ;-)

I got this idea off the web last year and have been finding candy for it for a few weeks.
Needless to say, the girls loved it!

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