Sunday, April 1, 2012

St.Patty's day

I don't get too hyped up about St.Patrick's Day anymore.  My days of drinking green beer in excess are gone and they days of my kids believing that the green water in the toilet was the result of a magical leprechaun are tapering.  Now that Cadence is getting old enough to be involved in these things though, I try to keep up a couple of tricks.  Although, she didn't really seem to care about the green toilet water or the orange juice that "magically" turned green, she was interested in the green eggs! 

Laurel took one glance at the toilet and said "Food coloring".  She did the same with the orange juice and I tried to convince her it was a leprechaun.  Sierra was sweet enough to chime in with "Mom, I appreciate your effort to make us believe!".  That's my girl!  I have a feeling she'll never reveal to me the day that she stops believing in Santa!  I did have a chat with Laurel about her role as a big sister to Cadence and how she can help make Cadence's childhood magical.

Since I was lacking in the St.Patty's day creativity we decided to find some art inspiration.  We looked at Jackson Pollock art and then moved outside to make our own.  It was messy and fun!  Sierra wanted to make footprint art with everyones feet.  Their feet are MUCH bigger than the last time I did!  We ended the day with green breakfast for dinner and shamrock shakes with friends.

Perfecting her splatter


Sierra evaluating Laurel's artwork

Art always turns out better when you do it with your tongue out!

A little sand to finish it off

Our supplies

Sierra preparing her medium

Future Pollocks?

A little St. Patrick's day inspiration

Big feet!

Green everything!

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