Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm building a museum

I cannot stand clutter and overflowing bins and dresser drawers.  I have too many bins to count that hold clothes from size 2T to 12 for the girls.  Obviously I keep them all to pass down to the next child as one outgrows them.  We have kept almost all of our baby items as Sierra and Laurel got older anticipating that we might have another child.  I have to say that I have been relieved to know that once Cadence is done with these things it will be time to get rid of them altogether.  No more sorting through what is in good enough shape to keep vs. too stained or broken or outdated to bother packing away.  We may actually start to clear off some storage shelves and I have felt very ready to do this.  Until I actually have to do it.  Coupled with going through old photos that I want to sort into albums (note to self: don't let a toddler "look" at 5 years worth of pictures if you plan to keep them in order!) and I've been an emotional trainwreck today!

I know it's time. I know that our family is done growing and I'm very ready for all of that.  I just need the kids that we have to not grow so fast.  I've never had a problem with each birthday I've had (remind of that in 2 years!) I just have a problem that it goes by so heartbreakingly fast. 

So, I've decided to build a museum.  There I can keep everything that reminds me of the girls growing up. You will walk down halls with life size photos of the girls as they grow.  Or maybe wax figures of them in my favorite outfits that I can't part with.  I'll put the ghetto-fab bike that Sierra and Laurel both learned to ride without training wheels up on a platform.  Maybe I can start storing our annual gingerbread houses there?  I'll line the walls with their artwork and maybe pipe in their recorded voices that we have on video.  We can play continuous home movies on a theatre size screen.  Of course, once Cadence moves into a big girl room we will have a mock nursery since all 3 girls have used the same crib, changing table, and glider.  As I reread I realize it might sound totally creepy... unless it's your kids, right?  I guess I won't charge admission!

The sleeper that Cadence used in China.  She did not like the feet!

Ghetto-fab bike

Where did the time go?  Sierra was only 2 years old with best buddy, Hannah.

Laurel was just shy of 3... the same age as Cadence now

Five and three years old

Sierra learning to ride.  Before we upgraded to one white tire and one black!

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