Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day has become a favorite around here!  Usually I prepare food that the kids like to look like something that they don't like, such as chicken pot pie from last year.  I have such a sweet tooth myself that I can't handle the thought of biting in to a food that should be sweet and it's not, like the meatloaf cakes that I see on "April Fool's Day" ideas.  This year though, since I was working and the girls were going to their grandparents, I couldn't prepare something for them to eat.  I had to find a new angle.  I had to get creative.

I ended up putting crushed nuts and rolled up brownie pieces into a small tin.  I made up some elaborate story that one of our cats was having urinary problems and I was using a special litter to get a urine sample.  All that I had gotten so far was "this poop".  And what was I supposed to do with that?!  So I ate it!  Insert gasping and "Oh, mom! Gross!"  I can't believe that I actually pulled of that speech without cracking a smile... I have the worst poker face! But they bought it!

Next I put Oragel on their toothbrushes.  With some prompting after they brushed their teeth they said that their mouths felt funny like they didn't want to talk!  Lastly, I had Brad make pickle jello for the girls!  I figure he could be the one to break them in to the not-so-nice April Fool's day jokes.  Needless to say, I don't think they saw the humor in it!

**Update:  I got 4 people at work to try the pickle jello too!  Including one intern who looked so sad afterwards and said "I was thinking to myself 'Could this day get any worse?' And then got a little excited about having some jello."  Now that made me feel guilty! 

See how serious I look?!

It really looked like poop!

Sierra trying it out.  Laurel refused even after she knew it was safe!

Sierra gets her first bite of pickle jello

Laurel gets her first bite (as Sierra is spitting hers into the sink!)

I guess this is what Sierra thought about it!

Cadence as not a fan after the second bite.  She probably just thinks her dad is a bad cook since she's not into the concept of pulling a prank yet!

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