Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fool's Day!

For the past few years I've had fun playing a food related April Fool's Day trick on Sierra & Laurel. I think it's cruel and unusual to present food as something sweet when it's really not (I could never eat the "cupcake" that turns out to be meatloaf and mashed potatoes), so I usually opt for the opposite. This year was "Chicken Pot Pie". Both of my girls dislike it, so I knew they'd be hesitant to dig in... as you will see! Here it is...

The pie consisted of pie crust, vanilla pudding, starburst (corn & carrots), mike & ikes (green beans), bananas (potatoes), and dried fruit (chicken). Topped off with another pie crust.

I rushed the kids in after school saying that they had to hurry and eat because we had to run errands. These are the faces that followed when I said it was chicken pot pie. Nice...

Sierra was starting to get a little skeptical wondering why it was cold.

And then she finally tastes it...!

Despite the fact that Laurel was already going through the trouble of picking out the "peas and green beans", she happily ate them all when she realized it was all candy!

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