Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9th, 2010

Mother's Day! What a fabulous time to be finding out that I am going to be a Mommy again! A friend of mine who has also become a parent through adoption left a very sweet and heartwarming message on my facebook page.

"I drove by your street today and thought, 'Somewhere on the other side of the earth right now is a little girl who will someday see this street and get so excited, because she'll know she's almost home.' Happy almost mother's day to an almost mother (again)!"
Thank you, Julie! I love this!

We received a packet yesterday from our adoption agency with Cadence's profile. Four adorable pictures, a CBC and urinalysis results(!), medical exam, growth report, and name translation. Unfortunately her exam and growth report are all from Sept. and Oct., but she seemed to be right on target for her age at that time. She weighed a little over 10lbs and her physical exam was all normal except for her cleft lip and cleft palate. At the time she was eating 5 to 6 bottle a day with rice cereal added, taking 1-2 naps, could roll over, sit up while leaning onto toys or things in hand, understands adults' facial expressions, excited to see bottles, a ready smile on her face, and is close to caretakers. Her favorite activity is to "play alone" (good, since there may not be much else to do in an orphanage) and favorite toy is "teddy bear".

Cadence was found abandoned in the First Hospital of Hohhot City in Inner Mongolia on May 4th, 2009. Her estimated birthdate is May 2nd, 2009. Most likely she was abandoned because of her cleft lip/cleft palate and because she is a girl. We will never know anything about her birth family. A person will be prosecuted in China for abandoning their child. Often they are left in a park or on the street. I take comfort that her birth mother loved her enough that she wanted Cadence to be safe. Her mother took the risk of taking her to a hospital to know that she would get in the right hands. While I could never imagine abandoning my own child, I realize that China is a completely different life and culture.

Candence went to a foster home initially - probably to learn to feed, and I believe she is back in the orphanage now. Our adoption agency will try and obtain updated information about her physical and milestones exam, but there is no guarantee that we will find out anything else about her before we travel to pick her up.

The packet also included a translation of her name as well as the Chinese characters. Wang is her surname. Feng means phoenix (and wind, according to one site I saw) and Ye means leaf. Cadence means rhythm. While it may not roll off the tongue, Candence FengYe has a nice meaning and I am happy to keep part of her Chinese heritage for her name.

Hopefully I will be able to get some of her pictures up here soon!

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