Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th, 2010

Yesterday Cadence's new crib bedding came in the mail! It's adorable! It has polka dots on one side and birds, trees and flowers on the other. It's not too frilly but girly enough. My mom ended up sewing the lovey that we are putting in her care package and I have slept with it the past couple of days. The olfactory sense is very strong, so hopefully if Cadence has it at the orphanage I might seem a little more familiar when she meets me. Hopefully I will get that sent off this week. A friend from work gave me 3 adorable dresses for Cadence too! I really have no idea how big she will be when she comes home, so she may not end up wearing them until next winter!

I have gotten to know another family who received their referral and pre-approval on the same days that we did (with our same adoption agency). They have gotten notice that their Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is in the mail. Hopefully ours will be soon. After we receive that we can move on to the next step! So, we wait!

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