Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

After some technical difficulties I am finally able to post pictures of Cadence! I think she is absolutely adorable!! I think these were probably taken around the time of her medical exam and milestones exam - when she was about 5 months old. She looks very healthy!

I am trying to get together a care package to send to her orphanage. Everything has to fit into a shoebox, so I need to be selective. I found some adorable material today and decided to try and make a small lovey to send and then keep the rest of the material to make a larger blanket for when she comes home. Even though I had the expertise of my dear friend Kristi to help me sew it, it didn't work out quite so well! I'm now determined that this has to go in her care package, so I'll get it done somehow!

I have been worried about our fingerprints. Like I had said, Brad had a blister on his thumb and I wasn't sure if his would "pass". I found out that sometimes the prints are "passed" in the office and later "failed" by the FBI. A fellow adopting parent has their fingerprints redone a few days after ours and her approval is already in the mail. So, I emailed USCIS today to see if I can find out the status of our application. Keep fingers crossed for us! If these prints don't work out we don't know when Brad will be able to get back to the office to redo them.

As I try and process all that I need to do for the adoption and getting ready to bring Cadence home, life continues to go on as usual. Today Laurel graduated from preschool! I have been having a really hard time with her growing up. Her 5th birthday in November reduced me to tears! Her tooth was loose in February and I told her I didn't want her to lose her teeth and get adult teeth and grow up. She gave me a hug and said "I know you have a hard time with this, Mommy." She's right! I was teary eyed at her graduation, but knowing that I'll soon have a little one at home eases the growing pains. I wasn't ready to have all my kids out of the house, 5 days a week for 8 hours a day! With Cadence's arrival we'll hear the pitter patter of little feet all through the day... and probably wish for a nap now and then!


  1. Stacy, Congratulations. Cadence is absolutely beautiful!!!!! Thank you SO much for including me on this e-mail. I have wondered how you were coming along in you adoption. I still remember our conversation that day:) Please let me know if there are any questions you have. Blessings. Kim

  2. i absolutely love your blog - thanks for sharing and letting me follow your joyful journey from wherever i am (around the corner or across the country, as I am now)!

  3. Congratulations Williams Family!!

    Stacy, we just got back from Hawaii & I'm now catching up on my emails. What wonderful news & I'm so happy for you & your family.

    Cadence has had a rough beginning but with the Williams as her parents, she has a promising future. She is blessed to have you!

    I look forward to reading your updates & meeting Cadence! Karen