Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th, 2010

PA, PA, PA!!!!! We got it today! It is also our 9th wedding anniversary! What a wonderful day to know that China knows that we are going to adopt Feng Ye!

For almost 2 years now, Sierra and Laurel have loving referred to their new sister as "the kid from China" or "the China girl". The often draw pictures that include a third child and write "China" over her head! A few days ago Sierra said to me "Now that we know who she is isn't kind of rude to call her 'China'? Shouldn't we call her by her name?" What a smart girl! But, Brad and I wanted to wait until we got our pre-approval to take that leap. Although I feel so deeply in my heart that the little girl that I see in that picture everyday is my daughter, I think I just need a little more confirmation to have faith that this process will all work out. Our PA helps with that. It means more paperwork, more fingerprints, more red tape to get her here. It also means that I have to fully open up to this path that we are going down, to let my guard down a little (or a lot), and to embrace the truth that this little girl is going to be our daughter. She is going to be Sierra and Laurel's sister. She will sleep in our house & pet our dog. She will cuddle on the couch with us & laugh with her sisters. She will ride her bike in our driveway & hang her stocking up at Christmas. She will forever hold my heart in her hand.

So today we will start to call her Cadence. Cadence FengYe Williams. She is our daughter.

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