Thursday, August 29, 2013

More adventures

We haven't had any adventures quite as exciting as the first week here, but the pain in the butt challenging aspects of living in an apartment continue!  I still have boxes to unpack since I have no where else to put stuff.  Yes, I'm sure this is a good time to get rid of things, but the sorting feels too tedious most days.  I went to Sam's club the other day.  I was on a quest for Summer Shandy beer but apparently retailers deem mid-August to officially be autumn, but that's a whole other blog post.  Despite the elusive summer brew I bought a few things but was very conscious of the fact that we have very little space to put things.  I felt like I did pretty well until I came home.  Then I remembered that I had to get the stuff inside.  I've always hated unloading after a Sam's club trip, but try doing it while living in a second floor apartment.  Grrrr...
Then there is this room.
The laundry room. 
I'm grateful that we have it and don't have to deal with communal laundry space, but the dimensions get to me every time.  The bottom door doesn't open with a laundry basket in front of it and the top door closes on me as I pull clothes out.  Combined with the fact that we have our cat's litter box sharing space with our "clean" clothes, the whole area makes me annoyed (as if doing laundry doesn't annoy me enough as it is!).  As usual with frustrating times, Cadence made me laugh through it today.  I was emptying the dryer, clothes were falling on the floor (near cat litter... eww!), and I muttered something under my breath.  Cadence was eating lunch in the other room and she says "Mom, you aren't supposed to say that word."  I asked her what word (I honestly barely realized I had said anything).  She says "The one you always say in the laundry room"!  Oh, my girl can make me laugh!

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